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FileMenu Tools 7.8

This tool helps to work on both files and folders from the Window Explorer

File Menu Tools 5.4 is a system utility tool which allows you to work over both files and folders from the Window Explorer. By default it comes with many built-in- utilities added with new features like Paste clipboard, Size of folders, Shred files, Send to mail recipient. All these utilities helps the user to view and change the attributes, rename, delete, replace files from the folder, alter and delete the properties of present elements, shred and overwrite the file completely and much more. Moreover File Menu supports Quick Shredding, Secure Delete with DOD 5220.22-M, Secure Delete with Gutmann (lite) and Secure Delete with Gutmann shredding methods. User can modify two folders in various ways like by selecting Unidirectional, Folder 1 -> Folder 2 option, folder 2 will be modified according to folder1, in Unidirectional, Folder1 <<0>> Folder2 option , both the folders will be modified accordingly. Besides all this it lets you arrange customized command.

Krishna Vulisetti
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  • You can customize files and folders
  • Shred and overwrite files


  • Some special commands are not changable
  • Paste clipboard utility supports only text files
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